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Alexander Potochkin Alexander.Potochkin at
Wed Nov 9 19:22:14 UTC 2011

Hello Iris

As a lead of the Swing team I vote for this project

(I would also be very glad to be included to the contributor's list)

> I hereby propose the creation of the OpenJFX Project with Richard Bair as
> the Lead and Swing as the sponsoring Group.
> As discussed last week [1], the OpenJFX Project will be the home for the
> current and future development of the JavaFX toolkit.  (The name has
> changed from "JFX" to "OpenJFX" due to trademark concerns.)
> Oracle's motivation for open-sourcing JavaFX is to build community and
> ecosystem support and adoption of JavaFX by increasing transparency, and
> also to get patches and early feedback.  The goal of OpenJFX is to build
> the next-generation Java client toolkit.  We intend open development to
> lead to a JSR in the Java SE 9 timeframe and ultimately for OpenJFX to be
> included as a proper part of the JDK.
> The OpenJFX codebase will be a significant contribution to the corpus of
> open-source code.  It includes:
>    - Over 6000+ public API members (methods/constructors/etc.)
>    - Over 11,500 unit tests
>    - Core libraries such as observable collections and binding
>    - Scene graph, effects, graphics
>    - CSS support for JavaFX
>    - Media
>    - WebView
>    - Prism (hardware accelerated graphics, including openGL and D3D and
>      java2D implementations)
>    - Glass (windowing system, base porting layer, including mac, linux,
>      and windows implementations)
>    - UI Controls and Charts
> The initial contribution from Oracle will come in stages over some number
> of months, starting with the UI Controls code.  During the initial period
> the OpenJFX source base will necessarily depend on Oracle's public
> binaries of JavaFX.  Once all the initial code has been published then
> OpenJFX will no longer depend on Oracle binaries and will be a fully
> buildable open-source library.  By that point we expect Oracle's JavaFX
> developers to have transitioned to working primarily on OpenJFX out in
> the open.
> The proposed Project Lead, Richard Bair, has been a public member of the
> Java community since 2004, first as a contributor to the open-source JDNC
> project then as the project lead for SwingLabs.  He was a member of the
> Swing team and was one of the two engineers responsible for the Nimbus
> look and feel.  He has been working on JavaFX from the beginning, serving
> first as UI Controls lead, then as API lead, and finally as the project
> architect.  During the entire time he has been a forceful and persistent
> voice for the open-sourcing of the JavaFX platform.
> The list of proposed committers is large, commensurate with the size of
> the initial code contribution.  The following Oracle engineers have all
> made significant contributions to the code base and are expected to make
> ongoing contributions to the OpenJFX Project:
>      Alexander Matveev
>      Alexey Menkov
>      Alexey Utkin
>      Amy Fowler
>      Anthony Petrov
>      Anton Tarasov
>      Artem Ananiev
>      Brent Christian
>      Brian Burkhalter
>      Chien Yang
>      David DeHaven
>      David Grieve
>      David Hill
>      Dmitry Cherepanov
>      Eva Krejcirova
>      Gerard Ziemski
>      Greg Brown
>      Igor Karpov
>      James Graham
>      Jan Valenta
>      Jasper Potts
>      Jennifer Godinez
>      Joe Andresen
>      Jonathan Giles
>      Kevin Rushforth
>      Kinsley Wong
>      Kirill Kirichenko
>      Kirill Prazdnikov
>      Leif Samuelsson
>      Leonid Popov
>      Lubomir Nerad
>      Martin Sladecek
>      Martin Soch
>      Michael Heinrichs
>      Mick Fleming
>      Mong Hang Vo
>      Morris Meyer
>      Oleg Mazurov
>      Oleg Sukhodolsky
>      Paru Somashekar
>      Pavel Porvatov
>      Pavel Safrata
>      Per Bothner
>      Peter Zhelezniakov
>      Phillip Race
>      Radko Najman
>      Ragini Prasad
>      Richard Bair
>      Sergey Malenkov
>      Steve Northover
>      Thor Johannesson
>      Tomas Brandalik
>      Vasiliy Baranov
>      Yao Wang
> Reviewers will be nominated by the Lead once formal review procedures are
> in place for the project.
> Votes are due by 8:00am UTC on Wednesday, 16 November [2].
> Only current OpenJDK Members [3] are eligible to vote on this motion.
> For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [4].
> Iris Clark
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

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