Need Advice to see if we can ship OpenJDK/JRE with Commercial App

Dan Tran dantran at
Thu Oct 6 15:18:56 UTC 2011

We also got advice from our council to scan the source files under
openjdk 7 source directory for NONE GPLv2 with "Classpath" exception
[1] .  We found about 1000 files, all of those files fall under the
following categories: demo, sample, test, NONE GPL file ( ie has
apache2 or other friendly license ).

Since those files do not apply to us, I guess we can ship OpenJDK
without exposing our source code under GPLv2 license.

How about others? How do you approach this issue?

Since I found so little discussion about ability to ship OpenJDK with
a commercial app ( instead of Oracle JRE, and not paying for license
fee ), it sounds like OpenJDK 7 is NOT ready for prime time yet?




On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 12:24 PM, Dan Tran <dantran at> wrote:
> Hi
> What kind of obligation do we need?  ( like expose our source code
> since OpenJDK is GNU ? )
> Big Thanks
> -Dan

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