Need Advice to see if we can ship OpenJDK/JRE with Commercial App

Henri Gomez henri.gomez at
Fri Oct 7 08:00:09 UTC 2011

2011/10/7 Dan Tran <dantran at>:
> Sorry about the confusion I've made.
> Basically, I would like to ship OpenJDK's JRE with my App, instead of
> Oracle's JRE which requires a license/support fee.
> Shipping OpenJDK with our app is purely for the convenient to our
> customer.  There is no reason for us to modify OpenJDK
> However, according to OpenJDK license which is GPLv2 with "Classpath"
> Exception.  So my guess is we can ship OpenJDK with our app without
> the obligation of open up our source code.
> However, to be very sure, I  would like to ping this forum to see if
> I miss any thing, and also to find out if any one are on the same
> route

Dan, when you told about embedding OpenJDK (may be only JRE part), do
you think at Mac OS/X apps for AppStore ?

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