OpenJDK Bylaws?

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Mon Oct 17 19:00:27 UTC 2011

2011/10/17 9:44 -0700, jonathan.gibbons at
> Is there a page that gives the current (ratified) version of the OpenJDK
> Bylaws?
> This page says the Bylaws have been ratified
> ... but the latest version of the Bylaws, referenced from that page, still says
> "Draft"
> For those that don't want to go through the details on the ratification page,
> it would make more sense to have a page that has the currently approved
> bylaws, titled as such.


The Bylaws have been ratified but not yet installed.  That should happen
soon -- we're just finishing up some process details -- and when it does
an official "Current Bylaws" page will be created.  Its content will be
no different than Draft 10, except that it won't be labeled a draft.

- Mark

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