Rhino build support

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Thu Oct 27 08:46:42 UTC 2011

Hi Henri (and Mark Reinhold, see ping below),

On Thu, 2011-10-27 at 08:48 +0200, Henri Gomez wrote:
> >> In the interim, do you think I could include it in my own builds (os/x port) ?
> >
> > Yes, but that is what I am trying to prevent from happening :)
> > Note that IcedTea doesn't really "ship" Rhino itself. But it has
> > configure and build infrastructure to detect the system installed copy
> > of Rhino and transforms that so that it is available as separate module
> > under jre/lib.
> If my build process download Rhino first and then setup/update the
> build to use it, could I use it.

Sure, you could also do that.

> If so, should we rename Rhino classname and patch OpenJDK sources to
> use these new classes ?
> Or use rename them like JDJ7u1 do, ie org/mozilla/classfile ->
> sun/org/mozilla/classfile/internal ?

That is what IcedTea does.
See the rewrite-rhino support in IcedTea Makefile.am.
It is a little ugly, but the best we can do at the moment making sure
the classes are in their own "namespace". An alternative approach might
be to have a special ClassLoader that automagically loads the classes as
if they are in a separate package namespace.

The reason for this is that we like applications to be able to bundle
their own Rhino variant (LibreOffice for example does), which might be
using the original package name. The drawback of course is that we have
two "copies" of the same jar, ideally everything, both jre and
applications would always just use the one and only system rhino

> > IMHO if a JDK includes javax.script javascript support we should make
> > sure they include the same version and features. So we should try to
> > collect all versions/derivitives of Rhino being used with
> > OpenJDK/IcedTea/ClosedJDK and setup a canonical version (ideally just as
> > a branch of upstream Rhino). That would prevent subtle compatibility
> > issues.
> >
> > I haven't been able to find the source code for the Rhino variant
> > shipped with the Oracle ClosedJDK. Since it is distributed under the
> > GPL/MPL, I assume the source code is somewhere for users to use, but I
> > might have missed where. Someone from Oracle (Mark R.?) might know where
> > the sources can be fetched from.
> What's the status about this ?

I forgot to poke Mark Reinhold again.
Lets do that now :)

Mark, could you point us to the sources of the Rhino variant as shipped
with the Oracle ClosedJDK?



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