Project Proposal: JFX

Patrick Wright pdoubleya at
Fri Oct 28 05:26:07 UTC 2011

Hi Richard

This is good news, thanks to Oracle, and to you and the JavaFX team
for doing this.

How do you envision the transition vis-a-vis releases? Currently there
are binary bits to download from Will those be built, from
day 1, from the combination of open-source bits + binary bits? Or do
you plan to keep a closed, "private" repository/branch for releasable
items for the time being?

As far as planning and taking input from the community, JavaFX has
several years of development behind it, basically all driven from
within Sun/Oracle - how do you see _planning_ incorporating the
community? I ask this because until now, I've seen JavaFX as a sort of
product being developed by Oracle, rather than a part of the standard
library. As a product, it would be in the product owner's interest to
have full say over what is included and what is not, based on what
they believe will do well on the market. A more concrete question
would be: will all project plans, planned milestones, planned features
be made public in advance, and be open to discussion and feedback from
the community, and will the decision-making process around project
planning and features be made in the open?


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