Project Proposal: JFX

Brian Beck brian.beck at
Fri Oct 28 09:05:17 UTC 2011

No hold up really.  For some time we've been waiting for the new OpenJDK 
bylaws to come into effect.  That happened this week.  Now we're just 
following the process for creating a new project 

This thread puts us at Optional Step 0 of the "Proposing a New Project" 
section.  Once this particular discussion winds up we will make our 
formal proposal to the announce at alias per Step 1.  That 
starts a two week call for votes.  Provided the voters are in favor we 
get started creating repos and filling them with code.  So we're talking 
weeks not days.


On 10/28/11 01:36 AM, Fernando Cassia wrote:

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 05:22, Brian Beck<brian.beck at  <>>  wrote:

>/  I'm on the JavaFX UI Controls team.  Since the UI Controls will be the
/>/  first part of the platform opened up, we are the guinea pigs for this
/>/  project.  Let me add to what Rich said by giving you our day one plan.
/>/  Once the project is approved the new repo will be initialized with the UI
/>/  code from the head of our internal repo.  At that point the UI code will be
/>/  removed from our internal repo and we will shift to working in the open
/>/  repo.

What´s the ETA for the above?. What´s holding up the "approval"?. I mean,
is this a matter of days? weeks? hours?.


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