Project Proposal: JFX

Ismael Juma mlists at
Sun Oct 30 09:39:10 UTC 2011

Richard Bair <richard.bair at ...> writes:
> Adam mentioned at JavaOne (I don't remember the context) that plugin will go 
open source too.

Interesting. It would be good news, if it happens. :)

> I don't have a
> timeline for that, though it is really a question for JDK as opposed to 


> Really we want to get away from the binary non-free parts, but in some cases 
it requires a very large
> investment to get the free versions up to the level of the non-free ones.

Definitely. This is indeed the point that I wanted to surface. Sometimes working 
on releasing more code as open-source (in the case of JFX) or improving open 
versions (in the case of the JDK) may be given less priority than adding 
features (for example). It's understandable and it's a matter of hitting the 
right balance.

Personally, I believe that the balance hasn't been right when it comes to open 
Pisces, and I hope you guys do better with JFX (Oracle seems to be moving in the 
right direction, so I'm hopeful).

> Believe me, I'd drop ductus tomorrow if open Pisces was ready to replace it.

I know. :) You would probably have open-sourced JFX earlier too. ;)


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