Enhanced metadata in Java SE 8

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Thanks. But what makes no sense to me is that the Java 8 JSR337 stipulates that it is operating under version 2.7 of the JCP process, but the authority you reference is in the 2.8 version. How does that work?

Further, my reading of the transparency requirements in the 2.8 process _require_ an open issue tracker if the spec work is hosted elsewhere. Am I reading it wrong? 

I'm not trying to be a problem child. I think doing spec and RI work in parallel and in open source is the right way to go. I just don't get how this intersection of JCP and OpenJDK processes actually works. 

Mike Milinkovich
mike.milinkovich at eclipse.org

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These features are described by JEPs, not JSRs. Because the features 
make small changes to the Java language, JVM, and java.* API, they are 
being carried out under the authority of the Java SE 8 Platform Umbrella 
JSR (337) as required by http://jcp.org/en/procedures/jcp2#2.1.2.


> Alex,
> Could you please point me to the publicly-available issue tracker at OpenJDK for these JSRs? I can't seem to find them.
> Thanks.
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>> The Compiler Group has sponsored a mailing list for the design and
>> specification of two language-level features in Java SE 8: repeating
>> annotations and method parameter reflection. More info at:
>> http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/compiler-dev/2012-
>> August/004636.html
>> Thanks to the OpenJDK Web Site Terms of Use, this is the first time that
>> OpenJDK will host the specification of Java SE features as well as their
>> implementation. The link above mentions how specification v.
>> implementation will be divided.
>> Alex

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