Ubuntu 11.10 VM including OpenJDK Build Image

John Yeary johnyeary at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 12:13:58 UTC 2012

Hello All,

I have created a very basic installation of Ubuntu 11.10 on a Virtual Box
VM. It includes all of the tools required to build JDK 8. It is small (10
GB), but this is still rather large to me. I could put the image up to
allow people to download it, but that could take some time.Ultimately I
would like to get the image down to < 4GB so that we can use it on a memory
stick. I tried to use Ubuntu Minimal, but could not get it to install on
less than 4GB. I will see about adding this to the wiki, and also to the
README-builds.html in the root of the distribution.

I created a jdk7u build first to bootstrap the jdk8 build and it worked



John Yeary

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