Java End of Life Time

Frans Thamura frans at
Mon Feb 13 09:42:07 UTC 2012

The last person in community that can say end of life of a product.

I believe oracle dont have right to say, end, and if you want continue must
pay, which i believe a case for long term support happen in sun era, by sap.

I wish openjdk can accomodate thia case.
On Feb 13, 2012 4:17 PM, "Andrew Haley" <aph at> wrote:

> On 02/11/2012 02:11 PM, John Yeary wrote:
> > Why would we want to continue to support JDK6 when the community is
> focused
> > on JDK7, JDK8, and JDK9.
> Because people use our work, and they need it to be supported.
> It's not just about us, the community.  There is a community of
> users too.
> Andrew.

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