building under netbeans

Uncle George openjdk at
Thu Feb 23 12:21:04 UTC 2012

The description under this web page for using netbeans


suggests that I read the README for further details on how to setup 
netbeans to work with openjdk.
> - Set the properties in the Properties panel under Tool> Options> Ant.
>   Properties set this way will apply globally to all the langtools
>   repositories you may be working on.
> - Create a file in the root directory of a
>   langtools repository, and set the properties in that file.
>   These properties will be specific to that repository.
What properties am I to set, and to what values?
BTW; is now tools->options->misc->ant

How does one import all the OPENJDK files into netbeans, or point ant to 
the src repository.

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