OpenJDK BInary REsult

Frans Thamura frans at
Sat Feb 25 02:56:17 UTC 2012

> is interested in doing more work in the areas of providing and
> distributing cross platform x86 and x64 Windows & Linux binaries.
> Truthfully, we have been slow to deliver Windows 64 and any OpenJDK 7
> binaries because uptake is limited because of lack of links from the OpenJDK
> primary website.   Note that I am shortly going to deliver OpenJDK 7
> OSX-Intel binaries because getting a full featured OpenJDK 6 working on OSX
> is beyond the scope of my packaging prowess.

with less oracle people, and the push in nov 2012, for end of life
for JDK 6 in nov 2012..

need more more people outside OpenJDK ecosystem to create ecosystem,
to make sure the ecosystem work..

NB: feel that this push to make us buy JDK :) and the community get in
hard or must be nice .. :) waiting AdaptOpenJDK program :)


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