OpenJDK BInary REsult

Ben Evans benjamin.john.evans at
Mon Feb 27 11:42:14 UTC 2012

>> can he be part of this mailing list?
> I'm allready in and following it with interest :)

Glad to hear it - I thought that some of your experiences with 7 may
be of interest to anyone who wants to produce an OpenJDK 6 build.

My general take on it is that anyone who wants to produce a slightly
non-mainstream build (John Yeary, I'm lookin' at you :) ) should
definitely go for it - after all Open Source is often about scratching
your own itch first.

Personally, where I want to spend my focus is on the future of the
platform - and that means OpenJDK 7 & 8. I think the others involved
in AdoptOpenJDK feel similarly - but as always, each individual person
should make their own decision on what to work on, and which projects
they want to get involved in.



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