Proposed update to the OpenJDK Web Site Terms of Use

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Thu Jul 5 22:53:55 UTC 2012

2012/7/5 14:31 -0700, mark at
>                                                   ... The FAQ implies
> you should not mix and match comments, evaluation and implementation
> code on the same list. But I assume it is fine to post something
> referencing one or the other (e.g. posting something like "I tried
> implementing the FooBar property for all Baz classes as described in
> paragraph 42, I won't post the code on this list, but it can be seen
> over there in my public repo and is available under the GPL, evaluating
> the included benchmark shows that... etc.")

Yes.  IANAL, but I would think that's perfectly fine.

>> The Expert Groups for such JSRs
>> will hold their technical discussions in the open, for all to see.  The
>> specifications they create will continue to be licensed under terms
>> similar to those used in the past [2], but no click-through agreement
>> will be required in order to access specification materials.
> I take this to mean that you don't need to agree to the terms that are
> incompatible with creating a GPL implementation anymore just to read
> the now public specifications. That is really, really useful. Thanks.

You don't need to agree explicitly to the comment-and-evaluation terms by
clicking on an "I agree" button.  They're still there, though, whether
you agree with them or not.

- Mark

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