OpenJDK on Android

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Tue Nov 27 02:06:02 UTC 2012

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 9:22 AM, Mario Torre <neugens.limasoftware at
> wrote:

> It's fun thing to work on, though, perhaps when I either get some spare
> time (or my manager manages to propose the new 48hours day ISO standard! :)
> *or* we get more people interested, I could reboot it, I'm always
> interested in this project.
> Cheers,

And so Infoworld´s Paul Krill, who lurks on this list, used this thread to
write this FUD piece.,1

I guess there´s an unwritten rule in IT journalism these days where one if
barred from saying anything positive about Java and OpenJDK these days that
doesn´t fit the "Google will rule the world, Oracle and Java, bad" myopic
point of view.

Surely reads like a mix of wishful thinking and self-fulfilling prophecy...
discourage anyone even toying with the idea from actually doing it...


During times of Universal Deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary
- George Orwell

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