OpenJDK Scorecard Feedback

Donald Smith donald.smith at
Wed Sep 19 15:14:47 UTC 2012


To help track the progress of the OpenJDK community in a number of 
areas, I am proposing a Scorecard.  The scorecard has two parts, a 
Community Scorecard covering areas related to Infrastructure, Governance 
and IP; and a Per-Project Scorecard covering Visibility and Technical 

The Per-Project Scorecard will be completed for at least the JDK 8, JDK 
7 Updates and OpenJFX Projects.  Other Projects may complete scorecards 
at their discretion.

I have created a Survey that allows you to provide feedback on the 
Scorecard (is it covering the right things?), as well as offer your own 
input on the initial scoring.

Please complete the Community Scorecard first [1], and then the 
Per-Project Scorecard [2] at least once, but more if you'd like to 
provide scoring for more than one project.  Please send your feedback no 
later than 20:00 PDT, Tuesday, September 25th [3].

A big thanks to those who helped draft and review this scorecard 
including people from IBM, LJC, Red Hat and SAP.

[1] - Link to Community Scorecard (start here):

[2] - Link to Per-Project Scorecard (Please do this one for at least one 

[3] - deadline for survey -

  - Don

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