Inconsistency between Projects page and Bylaws

Omair Majid omajid at
Mon Apr 8 21:32:34 UTC 2013


I noticed that there is some inconsistency between the bylaws [1] and
the projects page [2] in how Reviewers are nominated. The bylaws say:

A Reviewer for a Project may nominate any of that Project’s Committers
to be a new Reviewer for that Project. Such nominations are approved by
a Three-Vote Consensus of the Project’s Reviewers.

while the projects page says:

Any Project Reviewer may nominate any of the Project's Committers to be
a Project Reviewer of the same Project.
    Send a call-for-votes to the Project's OpenJDK mailing list. The
voting method for approval is Lazy Consensus and only current Reviewers
are eligible to vote.

The project page clearly states that "if there is a conflict between
this page and the Bylaws then the Bylaws are considered authoritative."
But I think it makes sense to fix the projects page anyway to avoid



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