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Wed Dec 4 14:20:00 UTC 2013

I would like to invite discussion on a proposal for a new OpenJDK Group: Adoption.

I have been following the work of the Adopt OpenJDK Community [6] for the past 
couple of years, and have been impressed by the infectious enthusiasm in the 
community for improving the JDK.

I believe that such an effort should be embedded in the OpenJDK Community itself, 
and so I would like to propose the creation of a new OpenJDK Group: Adoption. 

This Group would bundle and aid efforts to collaborate on OpenJDK Projects, lower 
the barriers to contribution, and bring JDK development into the heart of the 
Java community.

For the initial Group Members I would like to suggest:

* Martijn Verburg [0]
* Steve Poole [1]
* Rory O'Donnel [2]
* Daniel Bryant [3]
* Mani Sarkar [4]
* Edward Yue Shung Wong [5]
* Mario Torre [7]
* Ben Evans [9]

with myself, Dalibor Topić [8], as the Group Lead.

I would look forward to bootstrapping this first new OpenJDK Group since the 
ratification of the OpenJDK Bylaws, having initiated the first new OpenJDK Group, 
the Porters Group, back in 2007 [10]. 

If this proposal is accepted, I intend to serve as Group Lead for the Adoption 
Group until the Group Members chose to replace me with a suitable candidate.

dalibor topić

[0] Martijn Verburg has been heavily involved in Open Source and Java communities 
for the past 15 years. He has lead several Open Source projects (e.g. PCGen, Ikasan) 
and is a regular speaker and author on Java and Open Source topics. He currently 
co-leads the London Java Community (LJC), which in 2011 founded the global Adopt 
OpenJDK programme whose purpose is to advocate OpenJDK to the broader Java Community, 
run workshops / test fests and to produce tools that help on-board new OpenJDK 
Contributors. Martijn was recognized as a Java Champion in 2012 in part for Adopt 
OpenJDK and other Java/Open Source community contributions.

[1] Steve Poole has been a long time IBM Java developer, leader and evangelist, 
working on IBM Java SDKs and JVM's since Java was less than 1. In the years since 
he's had time to work on other things including representing IBM on various JSRs, 
being a Committer on Eclipse and Apache projects and even speaking at a conference 
or two. He's a committer on the OpenJDK PowerPC/AIX port and is currently IBM's 
OpenJDK Technical lead. He's a strong supporter of the Adopt OpenJDK program and 
has been helping organise and initiate workshops, testfests etc world wide.

[2] Rory O'Donnell has been involved with Software Quality for the past 20 years, 
he has been working on Java Quality for some 12 years while his focus for the last 
two years has been firmly on OpenJDK Quality. He has hosted technical events in 
London and St.Petersburg , working with the local Java User Groups to deliver 
TechFests.  He organised the creation of TestFest Videos and the sharing of these 
videos with the worldwide community.  He is an avid supporter of the Adopt 
OpenJDK program.

[3] Daniel Bryant has participated in many open-source projects over the past 10 
years, and is currently a core contributor (and self-proclaimed evangelist) for the 
Adopt OpenJDK Betterrev project. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge via blog 
posts, articles for well known technology websites and conference presentations 
(including promoting OpenJDK and Betterrev at JavaOne and Devoxx in 2013!). Daniel 
is an active member in the London Java Community (LJC), and sits on the LJC JCP 
committee, participates in the meet-a-mentor program and assists in running hack days. 
He also enjoys experimenting with practical implementations of Artificial Intelligence, 
having gained a PhD in this field during his misspent youth as an academic.

[4] Mani Sarkar is a passionate Java/JVM developer currently living and working in 
London, UK for a data analytics Bright North. Mani is one of the LJC Leaders and is 
responsible for social media and other aspects of advocacy for the Adopt OpenJDK 
programme. Mani is a JCP Member, OpenJDK Contributor (recently having submitted a 
number of patches).

[5] Edward Yue Shung Wong was bitten by the coding bug since starting at 
Imperial College London, reading a Masters in Joint Mathematics & Computer Science. 
Since graduating he has dabbled in many different technologies and Java is by far 
a favourite. Edward has been a member of the Adopt OpenJDK project since early 2012 
and has helped out in workshops/test fests on OpenJDK. Throughout 2013 Edward has 
been a core contributing to the BetterRev project; working to make contributing to 
OpenJDK easier for the GitHub generation.


[7] Hacker for fun and freedom, free software enthusiast, musician and incurable 
romantic, Mario has served few key FLOSS projects like GNU Classpath and OpenJDK 
and is co-author of the Caciocavallo project. He has a strong interest in Computer 
Graphics and Human - Machine interaction and User Interface design. Currently 
works as a Senior Software Engineer for Red Hat on Thermostat, a monitoring 
platform for OpenJDK and OpenJDK itself and its Community as an OpenJDK and 
Free Software advocate.

[8] Dalibor Topić lives in Hamburg, Germany, and works as Principal Product 
Manager for Oracle. He is an OpenJDK Member, Group Lead for the Porters Group, 
and Project Lead for the JDK 7 Updates Project in the OpenJDK Community.

[9] Ben Evans has been a Java developer since 1998, and a F/OSS developer since 
1995. He has participated in and led many Open Source projects and is a well-known 
author and speaker. He represents the London Java Community on the Java Community 
Process Executive Committee and has served on several Expert Groups. He helps to 
organise technical events ranging from small hack sessions to international 
conferences. Ben is a Java Champion and JavaOne Rockstar speaker.


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