CFV: Nominate Andrew Haley as jdk6 Project Lead

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Wed Jan 30 18:52:21 UTC 2013

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> I nominate Andrew Haley as the new jdk6 Project Lead. According to
> the bylaws on project leads [1] the
> Group Leads of the sponsoring project gets to nominate and vote. The
> only sponsoring group is the Build Group
> (that would be me :^).
> -kto
> [1]

Congratulations Andrew.

However, this raises an interesting point.  Why do the members of a
group get to determine the project lead, rather than the members of
said project?

By these rules, the implication is that, for example, Dalibor solely
gets to determine the leads of Caciocavallo, IcedTea, Zero, BSD-port,
MacOS X port, the PPC-AIX port, the MIPS port and the proposed AArch64
port.  This doesn't make sense to me.

I also don't see a single group lead by someone outside Oracle.
Andrew :)

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