YourKit Java Profiler Open Source License Request

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Mon May 6 16:30:29 UTC 2013


You can actually view profiles of Java jitted code using oprofile. 

So you get to see how much time is spent in the jitted code from the JVM.  The profile data is mapped back to Java source code via the bytecode tables in the class file. 


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I want to have good metrics related to java code (not native) so I need a java profiler.
maybe dtrace could be another candidate but I don't know how to use it on my linux 64 machine.


> I am currently working hard to improve performances of the pisces 
> java2d
> > renderering engine.
> >
> > To help me improving cpu hotspots, I need an efficient java profiler
> (lower
> > overhead than netbeans profiler).
> >
> > I *personally* requested this morning an "open source" license for
> Yourkit
> > Profiler.
> For low overhead profiling it's hard to beat oprofile.  Linux only.
> Andrew.

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