GNU Classpath Summer of Code 2013

Mario Torre neugens at
Tue May 28 15:52:06 UTC 2013

On Tue, 2013-05-28 at 15:58 +0200, Elisa D'Eugenio wrote:
> Hello! I'm Elisa and I'm taking part to Google Summer of Code 2013 with GNU
> Classpath project. I proposed one of the projects, the new Gtk3 Look and
> Feel for OpenJDK, and it was accepted.
> I'm looking forward to start this project. It's a big opportunity for test
> my knowledge and work this summer in my job field. I would like to keep
> project discussion on swing-dev cause the code is managed by this group. I
> hope to have a little bit of help if I ever need. Thanks

Hi Elisa,


For the record, together with the GNU Classpath and IcedTea communities
we decided to do this experiment, and allocated one resource to help
students to be introduced to OpenJDK development. The project is still
part of the GNU Classpath umbrella and will be followed by GNU Classpath
people. If the experiment will succeed, we may try to turn next year
into a proper organisation fully dedicated to OpenJDK.

I will be mentoring Elisa, and the code will be probably hosted on the
icedtea server once ready for use (although for the time being we will
develop the code on an external repository until everything is set

Once again, welcome Elisa!


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