Group Proposal: Windows

Francis ANDRE francis.andre.kampbell at
Fri Nov 29 06:10:10 UTC 2013


I am not a OpenJDK member and as such, cannot propose the creation of a new 
group. But may be someone among the OpenJDK members would be interested in 
proposing such group.

1/ Motivation
The essential motivation is to support windows as a major platform in all 
directions sustained by the OpenJDK ecosystem.

2/ Goal
This group is more a recipe for people interested in improving the know-how of 
building, testing, running, debugging, documenting the releases of OpenJDk with 
a focus on the Windows build system and the Windows jtreg system at  the same 
level of other platforms. Special effort should concentrate in the update of the 
current specific building hotspot MSVC component jvm.vxproj so that it would be 
in sync with the "new" configuration system started in jdk8.

I am not sure about the differentiation between group and project, but the group 
concept seem to me more appropriate since windows is already part of the hotspot 
as an os subpart

Anyone interested?


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