Group Proposal: Windows

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at
Fri Nov 29 16:05:37 UTC 2013

On 11/28/2013 10:10 PM, Francis ANDRE wrote:
> Hi
> I am not a OpenJDK member and as such, cannot propose the creation of 
> a new group. But may be someone among the OpenJDK members would be 
> interested in proposing such group.
> 1/ Motivation
> The essential motivation is to support windows as a major platform in 
> all directions sustained by the OpenJDK ecosystem.
> 2/ Goal
> This group is more a recipe for people interested in improving the 
> know-how of building, testing, running, debugging, documenting the 
> releases of OpenJDk with a focus on the Windows build system and the 
> Windows jtreg system at  the same level of other platforms. Special 
> effort should concentrate in the update of the current specific 
> building hotspot MSVC component jvm.vxproj so that it would be in sync 
> with the "new" configuration system started in jdk8.
> I am not sure about the differentiation between group and project, but 
> the group concept seem to me more appropriate since windows is already 
> part of the hotspot as an os subpart
> Anyone interested?
> Francis


For info on groups and projects, see:

If you have problems with using the build system on Windows, or using 
jtreg on Windows, then I think you are better to take that up with the 
appropriate folk on existing aliases, such as found here

-- Jon

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