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Francis ANDRE francis.andre.kampbell at
Sat Nov 30 07:47:34 UTC 2013


Le 29/11/2013 17:05, Jonathan Gibbons a écrit :
> On 11/28/2013 10:10 PM, Francis ANDRE wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am not a OpenJDK member and as such, cannot propose the creation of a new 
>> group. But may be someone among the OpenJDK members would be interested in 
>> proposing such group.
>> 1/ Motivation
>> The essential motivation is to support windows as a major platform in all 
>> directions sustained by the OpenJDK ecosystem.
>> 2/ Goal
>> This group is more a recipe for people interested in improving the know-how 
>> of building, testing, running, debugging, documenting the releases of OpenJDk 
>> with a focus on the Windows build system and the Windows jtreg system at  the 
>> same level of other platforms. Special effort should concentrate in the 
>> update of the current specific building hotspot MSVC component jvm.vxproj so 
>> that it would be in sync with the "new" configuration system started in jdk8.
>> I am not sure about the differentiation between group and project, but the 
>> group concept seem to me more appropriate since windows is already part of 
>> the hotspot as an os subpart
>> Anyone interested?
>> Francis
> Francis,
> For info on groups and projects, see:
> If you have problems with using the build system on Windows, or using jtreg on 
> Windows, then I think you are better to take that up with the appropriate folk 
> on existing aliases, such as found here
Even if I have yet problems using the build system on Windows in jdk7 and jdk8, 
specially for the hotspot build, this proposal is more a reaction to the 
following answers found in the thread build/Le roi est mort, vive le roi!

 >>The top level make produces a full jdk here    : 
 >>The hotspot make produces a full jdk here     : 
 >>The hotspot create.bat produces a JVM here: 

 >>The visual studio projects are not the official way to build hotspot. They 
are provided as a nice-to-have feature that developers on windows >>maintain. 
The official way to build on all platforms is to use the makefiles.

 >>Most developers don't use create.bat or the vs projects.

So, by specilizing a group on windows, I would think to attract more developers 
on this major platform to improve it and with the help of everybody fix the 
issues around the new build system and the create.bat stuff. Since now that 
jtreg is working on windows, one could choose it for its day-by-day development 
instead of using a linux box (I am not saying windows is better than linux or 
vice versa, but just that everyone should have the choice to use the platform he 
fills comfortable) . Up to now, IMO, windows is not at the same level as Linux 
or Solaris.


> -- Jon

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