Draft proposal: JEP 2.0

Jon Masamitsu jon.masamitsu at oracle.com
Tue Apr 15 21:09:44 UTC 2014

> The JEP owner is expected to update the Alert Status on a weekly basis 
> once a JEP is Funded and active development work is under way. If the 
> Alert Status is Yellow or Red then the owner must use the Alert Reason 
> field to explain what is required to return the Status to Green. This 
> way everyone working on the release or otherwise interested in the JEP 
> can easily understand its current state.
This sounds a lot like the status I have to report to my managers. 
Except that
I talk to my manager about how things are going.   This I have to 
compose and
publish.  Sorry but it's something that I'll easily forget to do.
> Any Committer to a Project may propose to target a Feature JEP to a 
> release of that Project after documenting a realistic delivery plan 
> and adequate funding. The proposer should be the JEP's owner, or 
> arrange to become the owner.

If I provided a "realistic delivery plan" how are you (people in the 
OpenJDK community, this is
a question  for you) going to use it?  Is it that much more valuable 
than a delivery in a milestone
date (as was done in JDK8)?


Draft proposal: JEP 2.0
mark.reinhold at oracle.com
4/8/14 1:54 PM

discuss at openjdk.java.net

The JEP Process [1] has served us well as a way to document proposed
enhancements to the JDK.  The process does not, however, say how we
decide to target a JEP to a particular JDK Release Project, nor does
it help track the work subsequently done on a JEP.  We also don't have
a documented process by which we can create and maintain the overall
schedule of a Release Project.

To fill these gaps I've drafted an extension of the JEP Process which
covers the planning of Release Projects, the tracking of the work done
for their Feature JEPs, and the tracking of work done for other kinds
of JEPs that are not associated with specific releases.  The current
draft of the proposal is here:


The proposal suggests, among other things, that we create a new "JEP"
issue type in the JBS JIRA system so that it's easy to see the status
of a particular JEP as well as the overall status of an entire Release

This draft has been reviewed by a handful of people so far.  My thanks
to Mathias Axelsson, Brian Beck, Iris Clark, Joe Darcy, Brian Goetz,
Georges Saab, and Dalibor Topic for their feedback.

If you have comments or suggestions on this draft, please send them in
a public reply to this message by Monday, 21 April 2011.  I'd like to
put this new process in place shortly thereafter.

- Mark


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