Anyone doing public/private customized distributions based on OpenJDK sources?

Keith McGuigan kmcguigan at
Thu Apr 24 14:08:07 UTC 2014

(Apologies if I sent this twice, I don't think my last one went through)


I was wondering if anyone on this list does or knows of someone who puts
together their own JRE/JDK distribution based upon the OpenJDK sources, but
not a pure OpenJDK implementation.

We do something like this at Twitter as a staging ground to try stuff out
locally before trying to "upstream" our work to the open.

I'd be very interested in getting together with any such people to discuss
development strategies to see what works in these hybrid cases (such as
repository management, submitting upstream code changes, maintenance, etc.).

Thanks for any pointers or references!

- Keith

kmcguigan at

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