Unit tests for OpenJDK?

Harry Simons simonsharry at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 08:55:39 UTC 2014


I downloaded OpenJDK 7u40 source bundle, and was expecting to find in it
tons and tons of unit tests for, well, at least all public methods of all
of its public classes.

However, under the openjdk/jdk/test/ directory of the downloaded bundle,
are sitting merely *regression* tests -- or, tests created for *specific*

I'd like to know if OpenJDK comes with its unit tests or not? And, if yes,
where can I find them? If not, why are they not being shared openly.
Context: I'm writing a custom file system using the Java NIO2 API. To test
it fully, I'd like to ensure that it at least passes the unit tests of the
JDK itself. Right now, I don't know what all tests to create, even the
so-called corner cases appear to be huge in number!


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