Unit tests for OpenJDK?

Harry Simons simonsharry at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 04:04:38 UTC 2014

Alan, I agree fully that I wouldn't be able to reuse the JCK tests --
verbatim --  for such a thing as a custom file-system. For this, I was
thinking of editing small parts of the "OpenJDK tests" (e.g., changing the
filesystem scheme in the test code from "file:/" or "zip:/" to
"myScheme:/") but reusing almost everything else.

Thanks for both your responses, esp the first one.


On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 1:00 AM, Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at oracle.com>wrote:

> On 27/04/2014 11:17, Harry Simons wrote:
>> :
>> If not the full JCK, I think the powers-that-be should provide to all
>> application developers, freely and easily, at least a subset of the JCK
>> that covers nontrivial API such as FileSystemProvider!
>>  I don't think the JCK is exactly what you are looking for. In other to
> properly test a custom file system provider then the test suite needs to
> know about its URI scheme and syntax, file path syntax, at least something
> about its capabilities and features, and often other details related to
> configuration and setup. If your file system provider replaces or
> interposes on the default provider then the tests in the jdk repository
> will exercise it. If your file system provider is very different then I
> think you will need to write tests, this is why we created separate tests
> for the zip provider for example. As I suggested in previous, there might
> be an opportunity to hook up with others that are developing their own file
> system implementations and maybe something could come of this that would be
> useful to others.
> -Alan.

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