Accessing java applet public variables

JvR O jvr968 at
Tue Feb 18 17:04:27 UTC 2014

I sent values to the signed applet.

On html:

                width=1 height=1>
           <param name="valuename1" value="value1">

In the applet public class:

    public String[] str = new String[100];

    public void init() {

        nstr = this.getParameter("valuename1");
        this.str[0]= "appletstringvalue1";


At javascript:

     var a = document.getElementById('appletid');
     var jstr = a.str;

     alert('jstr: '+jstr[0]);

If I use a similar script with ORACLE JRE on windows or mac the alerts
shows a string.

    jstr: appletstringvalue1

But if I use similiar script on ubuntu with OPENJDK I receive.

    jstr: undefined

The java.log shows the value of jstr if I print to the log in both cases.

Why Javascript is not receiving the applet values on linux or openjdk?

The conversion of the objects (Java/Applet to JS) works correctly in the
ORACLE JRE but with OPENJDK wich comes with linux (Ubuntu or Fedora, etc)
is not working, or maybe I need to access to JavaArray in a different way?

Any suggestion?

Thank You.

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