Java voip program on linux

krafczyk krafczyk.matthew at
Fri Feb 21 23:26:52 UTC 2014

Hi, I'm trying to use a VOIP program coded in java on linux.

The program seems to cause an unusually high amount of context switches and
interrupts as reported by the 'dstat' program. For me, typical numbers are
~1k for interupts and 20k for context switches, however when this program is
running, I can see numbers as high as 20k for interrupts and 300k for
context switches. This is easily an order of magnitude larger than normal.
In addition the program consumes about 130-170% cpu as reported by 'top'.

Now contrast this with when I run the same java program using a windows
installation of sun java on wine, I see that the program consumes only about
25% cpu, and the interrupts and context switches stay at a more normal

What I want to know if anybody knows about any reason why this might be
happening? and how I can resolve the problem.

This program is interfacing with pulse audio if that's helpful, and I'm
running ubuntu 13.10 with openjdk 1.7

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