JDK 8: General Availability

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at redhat.com
Wed Mar 19 22:47:40 UTC 2014

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> I'm very pleased to announce that JDK 8 is finished -- two years,
> seven months, and eighteen days after the release of JDK 7.
> My deepest thanks to everyone who contributed to this monumental
> release.
> A few more thoughts: http://mreinhold.org/blog/jdk8-ga
> - Mark

Given the link to the binaries in the blog, I assume you're referring
to the proprietary Oracle release and not OpenJDK?  There also seems to
be a reference to at least one feature I believe isn't part of OpenJDK
(Java Mis­sion Con­trol and Java Flight Recorder) and a lack of reference
to at least one feature that I believe is (the PPC/AIX port).
Andrew :)

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