JDK 8: General Availability

Andrew Hughes gnu.andrew at redhat.com
Wed Mar 19 23:49:01 UTC 2014

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> 2014/3/19 8:47 -0700, Andrew Hughes <gnu.andrew at redhat.com>:
> > Given the link to the binaries in the blog, I assume you're referring
> > to the proprietary Oracle release and not OpenJDK?
> I am referring to both the JDK 8 Project here in OpenJDK and to Oracle's
> related binary products.


> >                                                     There also seems to
> > be a reference to at least one feature I believe isn't part of OpenJDK
> > (Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder)
> Correct.  My blog is not hosted on OpenJDK infrastructure, so I consider
> myself free to mention proprietary features.  If that offends you, then
> don't read my blog.

I'm not offended. I just wanted to clarify what was being discussed and the
link was posted to an OpenJDK mailing list. When simply "JDK 8" is used, it's not
obvious which is being discussed.

> >                                                 and a lack of reference
> > to at least one feature that I believe is (the PPC/AIX port).
> The PPC/AIX port is not in JDK 8.

Oh, ok, I was under the impression, when we were merging it into IcedTea7, that it was
already upstream in 8. In that case, we're going to need to merge the PPC port
into IcedTea8 so our users don't regress to Zero.

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