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Michaël Parchet mparchet at
Mon Sep 8 18:56:51 UTC 2014


I would like use this function to debug my paroject. invoke only one method.
Open only a JFrame to test it etc,,

This function could implements like this.

Ask : "whould you like to save your next commands in a source java file 
? y/n"

if answer == y

    show the stop button
     When the user type enter.
        If this command is valid
          Write it in the file

When the user click stop.

if the file hase been saved ?
   show message : "your file has been saved to" + absolutefilepath.

If answer == n

Enter in the normal interactive mode whithout savig commands

Please send me news about my idee.

I Vote yes at 100%

Best regards

Michaël Parchet

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