Project proposal: Shenandoah

Roman Kennke roman at
Wed Apr 1 11:43:51 UTC 2015

Hi Mikael,

> Having looked at your proposal in some detail, I have no reservations 
> about it being an OpenJDK Project.


> We are working on resolving the HotSpot Group Lead question and should 
> soon be able to have the HotSpot Group sponsor the Project, allowing you 
> to proceed to the next step in Project creation.

Perfect, thank you!

> As Jon said, a potential contribution of a new GC would be entirely new 
> territory for us, so I can't recommend a specific course of action with 
> respect to your JEP and its potential future integration until you have 
> had some time to pursue your Project under the OpenJDK umbrella, and 
> others have had a chance to evaluate it.
> My overriding concern is about the maintainability of the HotSpot code 
> base and the potential increased maintenance burden that could arise 
> from integration of a new GC. That's the part I have serious 
> reservations about, and while I understand that you're not looking to 
> integrate your code into HotSpot just yet, I do want to register them to 
> make sure that when the time comes they are given their due consideration.

I totally understand your concerns, and we're putting a focus on making
Shenandoah as least intrusive as we can. We might even come out with a
cleaner GC interface than what we have now :-)

Best regards,

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