Same Java app: Tab vs. Right arrow for moving to next radio button

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Wed Apr 15 07:02:10 UTC 2015

Hi Jonathan,

This is the wrong list for this bug report :-).  Please try awt-dev AT
openjdk DOT net - thanks.


On 15 April 2015 at 00:13, Jonathan Kamens <jkamens at> wrote:

> We are trying to implement some automation with a third-party app via
> using "xdotool" to send X events to the app.
> One of the things we need to do with the app is to switch focus from one
> radio button to another.
> When we run the app on Ubuntu 14 (Unity desktop), the tab key can be used
> to switch to the next radio button, and the right arrow can /not/ be used.
> In contrast, when we run the app on Fedora 21 (GNOME 3 desktop), the right
> arrow key can be used and the tab key can /not/ be used. When I say "can
> not be used," I mean it does nothing.
> We're using openjdk 8 in both cases. I observed the same behavior, at
> least the Ubuntu half of it, in openjdk 7 as well.
> Since it's exactly the same app in both cases, it seems unlikely that it's
> the app that's responsible for the difference in behavior between the two
> platforms, which is why I'm coming here first to ask about it rather than
> going to the author of the app.
> Any insights anyone can offer into why the two platforms behave
> differently and what we can do to make them behave the same would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan Kamens

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