Same Java app: Tab vs. Right arrow for moving to next radio button

Ben Evans benjamin.john.evans at
Wed Apr 15 07:48:32 UTC 2015

This is still the wrong group for this mail.

discuss is for high-level discussions that really don't fit anywhere
else, and is typically very low traffic.

If you want an answer to your problem, you might try on awt-dev,
however, note that Oracle does not officially support Ubuntu, so
Oracle engineers may be unable to help you.

An alternative bet might be to try on the specific Linux distro
mailing lists & ask the relevant maintainers if they can help you
track down the difference.



On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 8:11 AM, Jonathan Kamens <jkamens at> wrote:
> I don't intend for it to be a bug report. I don't know if this behavior is
> expected or what. The fact that the app is behaving "correctly" on both
> platforms, just for different values of "correct," implies that there may be
> some reason for the discrepancy. I would like to understand that reason
> rather than simply assuming that it is a bug.
> On 04/15/2015 03:02 AM, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>> Hi Jonathan,
>> This is the wrong list for this bug report :-).  Please try awt-dev AT
>> openjdk DOT net - thanks.
>> Cheers,
>> Martijn
>> On 15 April 2015 at 00:13, Jonathan Kamens <jkamens at
>> <mailto:jkamens at>> wrote:
>>     We are trying to implement some automation with a third-party app
>>     via using "xdotool" to send X events to the app.
>>     One of the things we need to do with the app is to switch focus
>>     from one radio button to another.
>>     When we run the app on Ubuntu 14 (Unity desktop), the tab key can
>>     be used to switch to the next radio button, and the right arrow
>>     can /not/ be used. In contrast, when we run the app on Fedora 21
>>     (GNOME 3 desktop), the right arrow key can be used and the tab key
>>     can /not/ be used. When I say "can not be used," I mean it does
>>     nothing.
>>     We're using openjdk 8 in both cases. I observed the same behavior,
>>     at least the Ubuntu half of it, in openjdk 7 as well.
>>     Since it's exactly the same app in both cases, it seems unlikely
>>     that it's the app that's responsible for the difference in
>>     behavior between the two platforms, which is why I'm coming here
>>     first to ask about it rather than going to the author of the app.
>>     Any insights anyone can offer into why the two platforms behave
>>     differently and what we can do to make them behave the same would
>>     be greatly appreciated.
>>     Thanks,
>>     Jonathan Kamens

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