Are JBS' policies flexible enough to welcome the JavaFX community?

Mario Torre neugens at
Thu Apr 16 13:16:24 UTC 2015

On Thu, 2015-04-16 at 06:45 -0600, Ryan Jaeb wrote:
> 1) Signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement is going to become a
> requirement for submitting JavaFX bugs.
> 2) Reaching the role of author to gain the privileged of submitting
> bugs,
> commenting on bugs, and voting on bugs is going to be out of reach for
> many
> members of the JavaFX community.

I personally think the real pain point here is the inability to file bug
reports if you are not an Author.

An Author for a Project is a Contributor who has been granted the right
to create changesets intended to be pushed into a specific Project’s
code repositories, but does not have the right to push such changesets


A Contributor is a Participant who has signed the Oracle Contributor
Agreement (OCA), or who works for an organization that has signed that
agreement or its equivalent and makes contributions within the scope of
that work and subject to that agreement. A Contributor may submit
changes larger than a simple patch, may propose new Projects, and may
take on various roles within Groups and Projects.

I think the bug database should be write accessible to Contributors with
an history of quality contributions, not necessarily patches.

This basically means that a contributor could still file bug reports (at
the beginning on the mailing list, until she gets the appropriate trust
points, then on the JBS) without requiring to submit patches.

After all, a good bug report *is* a quality contribution.

I wish the OCA requirement could be lifted for such contribution, but I
don't think in all honesty this will ever happen.

Btw, what are the numbers here? How many people do usually contribute to
OpenJFX that are not in the in the position to become Authors?


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