Are JBS' policies flexible enough to welcome the JavaFX community?

Andrew Haley aph at
Fri Apr 17 07:35:05 UTC 2015

On 16/04/15 13:45, Ryan Jaeb wrote:
> I'm concerned the current JBS policies are too exclusionary to be a good
> fit for the JavaFX community.  As is, the merge is going to have an
> immediate, detrimental effect on the JavaFX community and, in turn, a long
> term detrimental effect on the quality of JavaFX.  There are two points of
> concern:
> 1) Signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement is going to become a
> requirement for submitting JavaFX bugs.
> 2) Reaching the role of author to gain the privileged of submitting bugs,
> commenting on bugs, and voting on bugs is going to be out of reach for many
> members of the JavaFX community.

To be honest, the current JBS policies are not a great fit with
OpenJDK either, for the same reasons you describe.  I would love to be
able to grant real open access to  But you have
to sympathize with Oracle, who don't have an army of people to sort
out all the junk that would accumulate.  So, for that to happen we'd
need to find a way for the community to solve that problem.

Also, there are legal issues to do with intellectual property, and we
do need to be sure that OpenJDK has the right to use all material
people include in bug reports.

However, I can't think of any good reason why a bug submitter needs to
have Author status.  This is something I can raise with the Governing

We use an external bug tracker at IcedTea.  That was necessary in the
past, when we didn't have any kind of an OpenJDK bug tracker.  I'm
worried that might happen again.  That would be bad for OpenJDK, but
at least people could get on with their lives.


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