Are JBS' policies flexible enough to welcome the JavaFX community?

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Fri Apr 17 09:24:22 UTC 2015

On Thu, 16 Apr 2015 23:19:04 +0200, Anthony Vanelverdinghe  
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> As for bugs: once a bug is reproducible or its cause is understood, I  
> think the need for an ability to comment is negligible (while it may be  
> useful to provide workarounds, I feel this only applies to a minority of  
> the bugs & certainly doesn't justify in itself the request for general  
> comment access). And I agree that JavaFX is different in this regard, in

I can't speak in number, because I only have my perspective, and the one  
of customers. But comments about workarounds are fundamental to me - let  
me add: even the lack of comments about workarounds, because in the end  
what one needs is to have his app working. Knowing that there are no  
workarounds is also a good point because at least you know that you have  
to spend some time to change approach in your app (e.g. using another API,  
or escalating the problem internally). I can have a reasonable info that  
there are no workarounds if I see no comments about them _and_ I know that  
people can freely comment.

Workarounds often are even more important than fixes, in the short-medium  
term, for the obvious reason that they can be done immediately, without  
waiting for a new release, and without all the doubts about how long  
Oracle will take to fix the problem. Not counting the fact that,  
unfortunately, many corporates still work on JDK releases that are  

> Another reason why I'm not fond of giving everyone access to JBS, is  
> demonstrated in RT-3458: people "commenting" on their favorite features,  
> requesting that it be implemented ASAP or that JavaFX will otherwise die  
> etc.

That's a real problem, I agree.

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