Are JBS' policies flexible enough to welcome the JavaFX community?

Daniel Latrémolière daniel.latremoliere at
Fri Apr 17 11:39:54 UTC 2015

Allowing external people to subscribe to an issue (put an e-mail address 
and receive automatically all changes/comments on this issue) would not 
create any junk in JBS, but would already be useful for users to detect 
some changes of OpenJDK in impacting bugs (then download a weekly build 
and test). A followed bug would be less fire-and-forget, even if this is 
not solving problems for features (mailing-list?).

> To be honest, the current JBS policies are not a great fit with
> OpenJDK either, for the same reasons you describe.  I would love to be
> able to grant real open access to  But you have
> to sympathize with Oracle, who don't have an army of people to sort
> out all the junk that would accumulate.  So, for that to happen we'd
> need to find a way for the community to solve that problem.

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