OpenJDK Governing Board Minutes: 2015/01/15

David Holmes david.holmes at
Mon Feb 2 00:10:35 UTC 2015

On 31/01/2015 12:21 AM, Doug Lea wrote:
> On 01/30/2015 04:36 AM, Volker Simonis wrote:
>> Hi,
>> can sombody please explain what's the meaning of "CCC" in the context
>> of section "6.
> CCC is a committee/process for approving any change in JDK classes
> that has a risk of impacting compatibility;

Not just JDK classes but any exported interface, such as VM flags, 
launcher flags, plus specifications like JVM TI, JNI etc. Almost 
anything** that affects a "specification" has to go through this process 
to ensure that not only has compatibility been considered but also that 
the platform rules regarding compatibility (binary, source etc) have 
been adhered to.

** Some specifications are updated by maintenance releases of their 
respective JSRs.


for example, adding
> a method to a class. This is one of the few remaining Oracle-only
> processes, that have not yet been integrated into OpenJDK.
> No one objects to the notion of imposing an extra safeguard step
> for potential compatibility issues, but there are no OpenJDK rules
> specifying committee composition, rules for when approval is needed,
> and so on. In the mean time, Oracle engineers catch possible
> cases where it applies and somehow do something about it.
> -Doug
>> Thanks,
>> Volker
>> On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 4:27 AM, Iris Clark <iris.clark at>
>> wrote:
>>> The minutes of the OpenJDK Governing Board's meeting on 15 January
>>> 2015 are now available:
>>> .
>>> Thanks,
>>> Iris

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