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2015-02-03 16:30 GMT+01:00 Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at>:

> On 06/01/2015 15:15, Riaz Aimandi wrote:
>> I’d like to discuss the creation of the Kona Project with myself (Riaz
>> Aimandi) as the Lead and the Core Libraries group as the sponsoring group.
>> This project would define and implement Java APIs for networking
>> technologies and protocols that are commonly used in the Internet of Things
>> (IoT) domain. The primary goal of the project would be to define APIs that
>> can be efficiently implemented and used on embedded devices. These APIs
>> would be defined in such a way that they could be potentially used with
>> Java ME, although the project would initially focus on the implementation
>> for Java SE.
>> The first protocol that will be included in this project is Constrained
>> Application Protocol (CoAP) and is expected to be contributed by ARM. It
>> should have support for UDP connector with Datagram Transport Layer
>> Security (DTLS) authentication handled outside of the CoAP APIs.
> This seems a worthy project and good to see that the collaboration is
> proposed to be done as a project in OpenJDK.
> The Bylaws require that it be supported by at least one Group Lead so I
> would like to offer support for this project with the Core Libraries group
> as sponsor.
> -Alan.

I'm happy to see this happening, I'll surely vote in favour when it's about
time to vote.


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