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> On Jan 22, 2015, at 12:32 PM, Riaz Aimandi <Riaz.Aimandi at> wrote:
> I hereby propose the creation of the Kona Project with myself (Riaz Aimandi) 
> as the Lead and the Core Libraries group as the sponsoring group. 
> This project would define and implement Java APIs for networking technologies 
> and protocols that are commonly used in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain. 
> The primary goal of this project would be to define APIs that can be efficiently 
> implemented and used on embedded devices. These APIs would be defined in
> such a way that it could be potentially used with Java ME, although the project
> would initially focus on the implementation for Java SE. 
> The first protocol that will be included in this project is Constrained Application 
> Protocol (CoAP) and is expected to be contributed by ARM. It should have the
> support for UDP connector with Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) 
> authentication handled outside of the CoAP APIs. Other connectors like TCP 
> could be added later. Eventually, other technologies and protocols such as 
> bluetooth might be considered as well.
> I lead the IoT gateway runtime team at Oracle, where I have been in the Java 
> group since 2007. Before that I was a technical lead in SavaJe Technologies, 
> where I  represented the company in standards committees like JCP (MIDP3) 
> and OMTP (Application Security Framework). I have been working with Java 
> in mobile and embedded environments for 14 years.
> The initial Reviewers and Committers suggested here are members of Oracle’s
> IoT team and ARM’s mbed team.
> The initial Reviewers will be Bob Vandette, Richard Bair, Jasper Potts, Darryl 
> Mocek, David Grieve & Jen Dority.
> The initial Committers will be Sujay Sarkhel, Frederick Smith, Stephen Flores, 
> Nikolay Yatsenko, Richard Ratta, Qing Liu, Brandon Passanisi, Kinsley Wong, 
> Sergey Soldatov, Victor Shubov, Brandon Passanisi, Kinsley Wong, Szymon 
> Sasin (ARM), Kalle Vayrynen (ARM), Norbert David (ARM) and Ville Oikarinen
> (ARM).
> Votes are due by 5th February 2014 10:00 PM Eastern US Time
>               (6th February 2014 03:00 GMT)
> Only current OpenJDK Members [1] are eligible to vote on this motion.
> Votes must be cast in the open on the discuss list. Replying to this
> message is sufficient, if your mail program honors the Reply-To header.
> For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].
> [1]
> [2]

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