Bylaw: OpenJDK Members

Mario Torre neugens.limasoftware at
Sun Feb 15 11:13:14 UTC 2015

There is a chapter in the Bylaws on which I get stuck every year (and
I believe I asked that already, but forgot the outcome):

Every OpenJDK Membership is subject to automatic Expiration after one
year, but will be renewed upon request. A request for renewal must be
received within one year of expiration. An OpenJDK Member whose
Membership has expired and not yet been renewed may not exercise the
privileges of Membership, except that roles requiring OpenJDK
Membership may be retained.

I suppose this is required but not really enforced, otherwise I would
see a rush of emails asking for people to be reconfirmed (or is there
another address for that?).

After all "subject to automatic Expiration" doesn't mean it does
expire automatically, but just that the GB may decide for that based
on the activity of the member.

It would be nice if this is clarified somehow though, for us non
native english speakers it's pretty difficult to get all the nuances
of a legal document.

Am I right in believing that we don't really need to request renewal
unless we happen to be removed?

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