JNI calling wrong method

Jiri Peinlich jiri.peinlich at ingg.com
Thu Mar 19 10:18:44 UTC 2015


we have a java application that calls a native method from a dll. This works for us most of the time but very rarely on some Pcs the JNI is calling wrong native method. As we have finally a machine that reproduces the issue regularly we would like to investigate what is the reason and hopefully fix it, but we are out of ideas how to investigate the issue.

I attached a java crash dump. It is visible there that we are trying to invoke method "setVolumeNative". The method "create" is invoked however.

We would expect to see the following on stack:


But we see there this: Java_net_inspiredbroadcast_legion_jni_process_ProcessImpl_create

How should we investigate this issue?

Thx, Jiri

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