CFV: New Project: Mobile: JDK Ports to Modern Mobile Platforms

Omair Majid omajid at
Tue Sep 29 17:55:51 UTC 2015


* Bob Vandette <bob.vandette at> [2015-09-29 13:18]:
> If the project get’s approved, I’ll be putting together a Project Wiki page that
> will provide more detailed information on Oracles expected contributions.
> The summary of what we are planning on contributing is:
> 1. JDK 9 based port (Headless)
> 2. Support at minimum the equivalent of compact2 profile (but in module form)
> 3. iOS x64 and arm64 (arm64 will be provided via Zero interpreter)
> 4. Android x86 and arm (both 32-bit with JIT enabled)
> 5. Windows 10 x64 Surface Pro (No Windows Phone ARM support)
> 6. JavaLauncher helper interface to simplify the process of including Java in Mobile applications
> 7. Sample HelloWorld applications and/or project templates for each platform
> We will not be providing GUI support.  There are folks in the community that have adapted
> FX to Mobile platforms.  I suspect someone might combine these two efforts.
> We currently have the above list of technologies working in JDK 8u60 and are in the 
> process of forward porting this work to JDK 9.

Thank you! This clears things up for me.


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