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If you¹re interested in exploring JVM AoT compilation, IBM has been doing
it for years in the IBM JVM. Oracle is just now catching up...


Ryan LaMothe 

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>> Hi,
>> First, apologies if this is not the best place to discuss topics of this
>> kind (if it is not, could you please point me to the correct mailing
>> But isn't it the time for it to be possible to build *native* Java apps
>> that can be submitted to Mac App Store, iOS App Store, Windows App (?)
>> Store, and potentially software centers of various Linux distros?
>> * RoboVM is almost dying
>> * Today I just learned about Gulon (
>> but it depended on RoboVM's compiler
>> * Some time ago Fernando Cassia (via this mailing list) pointed me to
>> ExcelsiorJET
>> and JWrapper (and looks like he also had mentioned Gulon too)
>> It is now possible for C#, Ruby, and JavaScript developers to build
>> mobile and desktop apps with Xamarin, RubyMotion, React Native, React
>> Native Desktop (, etc. but
>> there's not a reliable way to build native desktop/mobile apps with
>> As I mentioned earlier RoboVM is almost dead, Gluon depended on it, etc.
>> etc.
>> I wish Oracle (maybe with the help of other JCP members or Java
>> stakeholders) could build a free or commercial tool to fill this void.
>It¹s coming:
>> I want to build a JavaFX based app that has native-like performance and
>> memory footprint and submit it to Mac App Store but the options are not
>> that many or are very expensive.
>> Just my $0.02.
>> Best regards,
>> Behrang Saeedzadeh

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