Ivan Krylov at
Tue May 31 05:21:10 UTC 2016

Hi Евгений,

Welcome to OpenJDK group!
There is a special group and a mail list called OpenJDK Adoption where 
you can learn about
the how to find information and learn about the areas that you could 
contribute to.
Here is the link



On 30/05/2016 15:06, Евгений Кудряшов wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I want to introduce myself as a new contributer :)
> So, my name is Eugene. I am a student and completing the bachelor's degree
> in computer science at Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Java is my
> favorite language and I want to make it better. In addition, I had some
> experience working with GCC (ARM) optimizations at Institute for System
> Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
> I believe that I can be useful :)
> Kind regards,
> Eugene Kudryashov.

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