Backport Java 7 Regex to Java 6 runtime

Abdessamed MANSOURI lavlozm at
Wed Nov 23 16:00:43 UTC 2016

Hello all,

We want to backport Java 7 Regex to Java 6 runtime to benifits of some Java
7 Regex features as Named Capturing Group ..., i already read some of
OpenJDK 7 codes and it doens't seems too much complicated cause there isn't
much dependencies to others packages (java.*, sun.* ...) nor native
dependencies from java.regex

I just want to ask you (if you have time ofc) if we authorized to backport
regex according to GPL v2 licence and put it in closed source application,
and if you have some points and advice to backport it please share it.

Thank you and have nice day.


Abdessamed MANSOURI

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